Looking For a Delicious Brunch? Try the Chinese Dim Sum Food

If you are looking for the best way to spend a lazy afternoon on a weekend, here is one good idea for you – Visit your favorite Chinese restaurant and while sipping your favorite Chinese tea, feast on the wide variety of delectable delicacies that make up the Chinese Dim Sum. Dim Sum, one of the most popular Chinese foods, comprises of an innumerable assortment of steamed dishes, dumplings, and other goodies, which are analogous to hors d’oeuvres, the hot and cold delicacies served at all French restaurants.

Literally meaning “to touch your heart”, Dim Sum foods are best known for their rich quality and competitive pricing, and are usually enjoyed by people as their favorite brunch. The Chinese tradition of Dim Sum was introduced to the Western Countries in the 19th century by the Chinese immigrants from the Canton region. In fact, it is the Chinese Dim Sum that is thought to have inspired the whole idea of ‘brunch’, a large mid-morning meal often linked with drinking tea.

The foods that are usually served as a part of a typical dim sum lunch are either deep-fried or steamed. The deep-fried delicacies include Wu Gok, a kind of a taro turnover, and mini spring rolls of different varieties. At times, a dim sum lunch might also include special lip-smacking goodies, such as the shrimp dumplings wrapped in seaweed and topped with a dollop of salmon caviar!

The steamed delicacies served as a part of the Chinese dim sum include a large variety of foods, ranging from steamed pork spareribs and Char Siu Bao, steamed buns with roast pork, to Har Gau, the very delicious shrimp dumplings with a translucent skin. Besides these steamed or deep-fried delicacies, a dim sum lunch also includes a dessert and green tea. For dessert, egg custard tarts are usually served, but if you are lucky, you may have a choice between a mango and an almond pudding.

The Chinese Dim Sum dishes usually vary from one restaurant to another. Other Chinese dishes that are often included in a dim sum lunch at some Chinese restaurants include the flower scallion rolls, also called ‘Hua Juan‘, vegetarian and non-vegetarian pot-stickers, sesame seed balls, shrimp toast, Shu Mai, spareribs, Cantonese spring rolls, Taro Croquette, and steamed Chicken’s feet. Thus, if you really want to experience the flavor of traditional Chinese cuisine, visit the nearest Chinese restaurant and try the delicious Dim Sum lunch.

A Closer Look at Chinese Takeaway

It is amazing how the Chinese food business continues to boom, not only in the United States, but also in Australia and New Zealand to name a few. Every Western country now has its version of Chinatown bustling with Chinese restaurants and eaterines.

Running a Chinese restaurants is a successful and lucrative enterprise. Experienced restaurateurs who move to the West, can succeed if they start a Chinese restaurant and allow their enterprises to grow by following simple working methods applied by all other restaurants in the field. Chinese food is much sought after and if presented in a palatable and hygenic fashion, customers will keep coming back. A serious restaurateur will surely break even in no time.

If you were to examine successful Chinese restaurants or take away places, you will notice that they have first and foremost adapted to the local cultures and as a start picked up the local language. Customer service is paramount and communication is the key. No matter how good your food is, if you cannot communicate your menu across then your establishment has very little chance in actually succeeding. Besides, every culture admires any guests to its country if the guests or migrants embrace the culture and at least start speaking the local language. Relationships take time to build and customers need to be eased into a business to be made to feel ‘special’ and appreciated. A customer who is new to Chinese food will be overwhelmed at the start and it will be of great advantage if his or her minds are put to rest through basic communication. If the service is good and the quality of food is consistent this will serve to encourage the customer to visit the restaurant regularly and enjoy a good Chinese takeaway at home.

If you look at the Chinese takeaway business closely, the ones that do the best and serious business are those from Chinese experts who have been in the country for some time and have made their businesses flourish. This is a living proof that migrants can still make it big even on Western ground and earn the profits that they’ve been dreaming of.

My Personal Craze Over Chinese Fortune Cookies

I have always loved Chinese fortune cookies ever since I was a child. I think this personal craze I have developed has to do more with the associations I have with them than with their actual flavor. My parents used to bring me to Chinese restaurants then and how I love everything about it. Oh how I loved the little ornamental lamps, the murals with dragons and warriors on them as well as the Buddhist statues decorated around the place! Above all, I loved the food. I loved everything from cashew chicken, almond boneless chicken to sweet and sour pork dishes. In fact, I would virtually eat everything that’s on the Chinese restaurant menu.

Another thing that I love about when dining in Chinese restaurants is the Chinese fortune cookies they usually served. For me, it’s a perfect end to a perfect dining experience. There’s just something that’s so satisfying about them. It is made in bite-sized and though it wasn’t really especially delicious, there was at least some sort of fortune that comes with it. Every Chinese fortune cookie basically comes with a message stuffed inside it. Sometimes the messages it brings may seem oddly prescient. Overall, it was all in good fun, and perhaps much tastier than an astrology reading!

I didn’t realized until later that Chinese fortune cookies comes in a variety of alternatives. Only then when I was already an adult that I get to occasionally discover Chinese cookies in some restaurants that are quite disappointing. At times, they are stale and at other times, they are mediocre at best. Searching further, I found chocolate-dipped fortune cookies. There is even a store where you can get your fortune own personalized cookies printed. Now, this makes a good present to your loved ones. I have even come across one website that sells giant fortune cookies. I think that’s enough to get even the most jaded and cynical consumers interested about Chinese food.

One of my friends presented to me a make-your-own Chinese fortune cookies website. There, one can get some innovative ways in making Chinese fortune cookies with your own personal touch. From this, I have come up with a plan to try it myself. I took a look at the recipe, and found myself astounded at how easy it is to make. I actually had assumed it would be difficult, since somehow you have to bake the cookies and manage to stuff the fortunes inside. Now, it doesn’t look like it is going to be nearly as hard as I had anticipated, and I’m excited to serving the outcomes up to some of my good friends and perhaps to my family as well.