American Chinese Cuisine – A Brief Overview

American Chinese cuisine is the food served by some Chinese restaurants in the United States. It tastes very much different from the Chinese food, because it is cooked according to Western tastes. In the 19th century, some Chinese restaurants developed new recipes gratifying the Caucasian American tastes. In the beginning, these restaurants started serving railroad workers and were opened in towns where nobody knew about Chinese food. The food was cooked using local ingredients to please the local customer’s taste. As a result, American Chinese Cuisine was invented.

Thus, the Chefs developed a new style of Chinese food. Many dishes like chop suey and General Tao’s Chicken were invented. Generally, a roll and butter was served on the side with the main dishes. One of the main attractions of these restaurants is the quality and low-priced food, because much of the labor generally supplied by immigrants or family members, work for long hours on low wages.

There are primarily two types of Chinese restaurants in the United States: Take-out restaurants and Buffet-style American Chinese restaurants. Take-out restaurants, mainly catering to call-in and take-out orders, are the suitable outlets for traditional American Chinese food. Almost all the restaurants provide home delivery facility and supply food in the folded and waxed cardboard boxes, just like pizza boxes. Whereas, Buffet-style American restaurants serve a large variety of dishes in buffet style and are becoming very popular. The quality of food may differ from outlet to outlet.

There are many American Chinese chain restaurants in the United States; such as China Coast, City Wok, Leeann Chin, Manchu Wok, Panda Express, Pei Wei Asian Diner, P. F. Chang’s China Bistro, and Pick up Stix. These restaurants have branches throughout the country and are very popular.