Ultimate Dining – Seattle Chinese Food at Its Finest

Seattle is one of the most majorly populated and diverse cities in the United States. It is a hub of culture, and people from all over the world love to visit this beautiful city; not just to enjoy the scenic views and breathtaking cityscape, but also to experience Seattle itself. One of the things that Seattle boasts of is its overabundance of food establishments that are varied in its offerings. When it comes to Seattle Chinese food, you can certainly find for yourself more than any city’s fair share of excellent and authentic restaurants that will make you feel like you are actually dining in the orient.

When looking for a Seattle Chinese restaurant, it may get a little bit daunting because of the number of choices that you have. There are so many restaurants in Seattle, and most, if not all, of them are such great places to eat. Here are a few places you definitely have to check out in Seattle once you get a hankering for some authentic Chinese food:

The International District – the International District of Seattle, also called I.D., may just be the only place in the entire United States where more than 10 different nationalities are seen living together in harmony. These nationalities include Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Filipino Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Korean Americans, Thai Americans, Laotian Americans, Cambodian Americans, Burmese Americans, and other Asian American nationalities. This district is encompassing the east of 5th avenue S. Because of the very diverse cultures found to be living in the International District, this area is also known for having excellently authentic Seattle Chinese food. This place is definitely worth even just a short visit.

Downtown Seattle – Downtown Seattle is known as the business district of the city. It is basically boxed in by hills on the north and east sides, by Elliot Bay on the west and by reclaimed land on the south, which is the reason why it is pretty small as when compared to business districts of other American cities. The population of Downtown Seattle is quickly growing; and with it, the diversity of the different establishments that are being put up. This is also a place when you will find the kind of Seattle Chinese restaurant that you may be looking for.

Atlantic – this is the neighborhood in the northernmost part of Seattle, and contains the Judkins Park neighborhood. What was once a hub of commercialism had seen a downturn later on and became known as a bad neighborhood. In the past years, though, the Judkins neighborhood has been seen once again picking up where it left off. New homes are being built, an illustrious Walgreens has opened up in 23rd Avenue and is bustling with business, the parks are looking green again, and people are happy to start businesses there again. It may take a little more scouring of the city, but you will definitely find a Seattle Chinese restaurant in this little diamond in the rough that will satisfy your palette.

Seattle is a beautiful city that boasts of some of the most amazing and highly regarded restaurants in all of the United States. If you’re looking for some Seattle Chinese food that will blow you away, this is the perfect place to start looking.